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Dollars on the Lightning Network: A boon for emerging markets?

An innovation on the Bitcoin Lightning Network (LN) could shelter users from the price

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Nomad reportedly ignored security vulnerability that led to $190M exploit

The altcoins that were stolen in the Nomad bridge hack suffered as much as 94% decline in

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Solana wallets ‘compromised and abandoned’ as users warned of scam solutions

Solana users have been urged to move their funds to cold storage and be alert to possible

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EU crypto community has two weeks to join conversation on crypto data

The ESMA is looking for “crypto off-chain data,” or data from spot and derivatives trades

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Binance, KuCoin, OKX CEOs flex security amid Solana FUD storm

Parallel to the ongoing investigations of the Solana fiasco, CZ warned investors of “an

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Ongoing Solana-based wallet hack has already seen millions drained

NFT marketplace Magic Eden noted that it “seems to be a widespread SOL exploit at play"

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Textbook publisher wants to use NFTs to skim the used-textbook market

The academic textbook publisher hopes to capture a portion of secondary market sales on

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BTC wholecoiners up by 40K since June crash began

A sharp fall in the cryptocurrency's price in May and June appears to have coincided with

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Bitcoin derivatives show a lack of confidence from bulls

High correlation to stock markets and recession risks limit optimism on the part of BTC

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Zipmex gradually resuming Z Wallet withdrawals, says debt moratorium is not bankruptcy

The Asian cryptocurrency exchange was impacted by the Celsius and Babel Finance defaults

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