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Sygnum Singapore Receives In-Principle Approval to Enhance Regulated Activities

The digital asset services provider, Sygnum Singapore recently announced that it has

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No crypto for criminals: Coinjoin BTC mixing tool to block illicit transactions

The founder of the Wasabi Wallet called the decision a major setback for Bitcoin’s

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Japan to Fine Crypto Exchanges for Violating Russia Sanctions

Japan’s Financial Services Agency (FSA) and Ministry of Finance have jointly announced on

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El Salvador Bitcoin City $1 Billion Bond Sale to Start by 20 March 2022 via Liquid Network

El Salvador's $1 billion Bitcoin bond may be issued between 14 and 20 March. The 10-year

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Tax expert says buying crypto is not a taxable event

Purchasing crypto with fiat or any “unrealized appreciation” is not a taxable event

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Weekly Bitcoin Exchange Outflows Increase Sharply

Amid substantial selling pressure, leading Bitcoin holders moved their crypto assets from

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Crypto vs. physical: Musk-Saylor inflation debate boils down to scarcity

Musk acknowledged that predominantly scarce assets such as physical property and company

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Two years since the COVID-19 crash: 5 things to know in Bitcoin this week

It‘s been two years since BTC/USD crashed to $3,600 and it is trading over ten times

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Environmental sustainability key sticking point in EU MiCA bill

The European Union’s MiCA bill has had a line related to environmental sustainability

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Austin mayor embraces Web3 tech and crypto payments

The second fastest-growing city in Texas will begin exploring policy capabilities to

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