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New York State Senate passes Bitcoin mining moratorium

The bill, once approved by Governor Kathy Hochul, would make New York the first state in

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Vitalik shows support for Optimism’s governance structure and OP gas proposal

The Ethereum co-founder has often advocated for projects to move away from coin voting in

Read More gets nod in Dubai and FTX launches in Japan will have further requirements before its full license is granted in the

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Kenyan energy company entices Bitcoin miners with geothermal power

The country’s main electricity producer has issued a general invite for Bitcoin miners

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‘Pig slaughtering’ crypto scams reap millions on Silicon Valley dating apps

“I never thought it could happen to me because I use tech. I’ve written software,” a

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Ethereum’s Merge FOMO isn’t priced in, making a spike to $2.6K a possibility

Ethereum's price action hangs around major swing lows despite the all-important Merge

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Anonymous Hacks Major Belarusian Government Websites

The websites of several ministries of Belarus have allegedly been taken down in a new

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3 key indicators traders use to determine when altcoin season begins

Clever traders frequently use these three indicators to pinpoint when an altcoin season

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CFTC sues Gemini claiming crypto exchange lied in futures contract evaluation

The agency says the exchange gave false information in person and in documents in its

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$32K Bitcoin price could turn the tides in Friday’s $160M BTC options expiry

BTC price lost the momentum that had pushed it to $32,300 on May 31, but this week’s

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