październik, 2021to

Treasury official acknowledges most crypto transactions are 'legitimate’ but still anticipates additional sanctions

“The vast majority of digital assets are being used for legitimate purposes, but for

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Breaking Google’s monopoly: Internxt pushes decentralized cloud as privacy concerns grow

Data monopolists like Google have abused their position, according to Internxt's Fran

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Australia Needs Regulations to Facilitate Crypto Business, Senate Committee Reports

A Senate committee in Australia has made a number of proposals to address the lack of

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Bitcoin bulls set to net an $830M profit after Friday’s BTC options expiry

Bitcoin's surge to $67,000 has given bulls an advantage in Oct. 22's $1.8 billion BTC

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Pension fund for Texas firefighters reportedly allocates $25M to Bitcoin and Ether

The fund is responsible for the benefits of more than 6,600 active and retired

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As the Crypto Economy Nears $3 Trillion, Top 10 Crypto Exchanges Hold Over $206B, More Than 7%

The crypto economy has come awfully close to nearing the $3 trillion handle as far as the

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‘Free coin to everyone’ project aims to make 1B crypto owners in 2 years

Backed by a16z and co-founded by Sam Altman, Worldcoin will give free crypto in exchange

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Bitcoin futures ETFs: Good, but not quite there

With a Bitcoin futures exchange-traded fund, getting exposure to the world’s largest

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Valkyrie Bitcoin futures ETF to launch on Nasdaq on Oct. 22

Valkyrie’s Bitcoin futures ETF will go live on Nasdaq just a few days after ProShares

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Crypto remittances see adoption, but volatility may be a deal breaker

The path to mass cryptocurrency adoption passes through remittances, but it may not

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