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Bitcoin Fundamental Expert Breaks Down Why The Bottom Is In

Calling the bottom in Bitcoin is no easy task. Prices tend to fall more dramatically and

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North Korean Lazarus Group is targeting crypto funds with a new spin on an old trick

Microsoft and cybersecurity firm Volexity have traced a new version of AppleJeus malware

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Cryptocurrency has become a playground for fraudsters

Currency speculation was once the preserve of banking institutions, governments, and

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3 reasons why Ethereum price keeps rejecting at the $1,300 level

Traders are not sure if ETH will be able to hold the $1,200 level while the S&P 500

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Paraguay’s legislature fails to reverse presidential veto on crypto regulation law

Just 38 out of 80 members of Paraguay’s Chamber of Deputies voted to reconsider a bill to

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Warner Music, Polygon and LGND partner to launch Web3 music platform

The platform LGND Music is set to officially launch in January 2023, and will also

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Financial Stability Board aims to address crypto-related risks following FTX’s collapse

Though the international board can make recommendations to global policymakers, it

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Kevin O’Leary defends SBF, says FTX should be audited

O’Leary said that the truth about FTX can be discovered thanks to the unique nature of

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Chainlink launches staking to increase the security of oracle services

Stakers will earn LINK tokens as they participate in a decentralized alerting system that

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Animoca Brands secures majority stake in music metaverse gaming platform

Animoca hopes to advance the music industry within Web3 and gaming through its latest

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