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Shoppers in India can now order sneakers in the Metaverse for a week

Indian e-commerce giant Flipkart partnered with Polygon-incubated organization eDAO to

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Israel kicks off live tests for its tokenized digital bonds

Israel's Ministry of Finance and the Tel Aviv Stock Exchange expect to finish the pilot

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’Cryptoqueen’ associates face German court for role in $4B OneCoin scheme

The whereabouts of “Cryptoqueen” Ruja Ignatova are still unknown but the charges against

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BTC energy use jumps 41% in 12 months, increasing regulatory risks

Despite the European Union rejecting a proposal banning crypto mining earlier this year,

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Moola Market attacker returns most of $9M looted for $500K bounty

The attacker has scored about a half-million dollar “bug bounty” after choosing to return

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DAOs need to neutralize whales (and more) if they want better governance

Decentralized autonomous organizations would benefit from greater checks and balances

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NFT project Azuki launches Physical Backed Token

The company said that the open-source token standard intends to tie a physical item to a

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Here’s why Bitcoin price could tap $21K before Friday’s $510M BTC options expiry

Bears are currently better positioned for this week’s $510 million BTC options expiry,

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Voyager Digital won’t sue its executives for incompetence, will claim insurance on them

CEO Stephen Ehrlich and financial head Evan Psaropolous will keep their jobs even though

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Indian Commerce Giant Flipkart Will Allow Customers to Purchase Items in the Metaverse

Flipkart, the Walmart-backed Indian e-commerce giant, has launched a pilot to allow its

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