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IBC Group Decides to Close Bitcoin and Ethereum Mining Operations in China

The Group is planning to move its staff to different countries including Canada, UAE, the

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BTC price drops to fill Bitcoin futures gap as focus turns to $46.5K bull target

The latest CME futures gap is filled within hours on Monday, with an attractive gap

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Share Buyback Magic: Financial Forecaster Says Stock Market Rally Is All ‘Smoke and Mirrors’

While the American economy witnesses small business failures across the nation,

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Ukrainian e-bank plans to offer Bitcoin trading in July

Monobank is seeking approval from the National Bank of Ukraine to launch its Bitcoin

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Blockchain a panacea for corruption in state governance, says exec

An article appearing on the World Economic Forum website has made the case for blockchain

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Report: Vietnam’s PM asks State Bank to trial digital currency on the blockchain

Vietnamese news outlets have reported that the country's prime minister, Phạm Minh Chính,

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8,000 BTC Belonging to Mirror Trading International Traced, Investors Urged to Lodge Claims

A total of 8,000 bitcoins belonging to Mirror Trading International (MTI) have been

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Wyoming Grants Legal Status to a DAO for the First Time in US History

Legislation to support the legal recognition of DAOs was passed in Wyoming in March of

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Japan’s finance industry awaits a clearer picture of the digital yen in 2022

The digital yen should be compatible with other CBDCs to counter China’s progress with

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Indian IT giant Tech Mahindra partners on blockchain system for vaccine tracing

Aiming to tackle the supply chain issues that impact the stock and expiry of COVID-19

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