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Bitcoin advocate floats BTC as a solution to US student loan problems

Dennis Porter said that the government should give $10,000 worth of Bitcoin to debtors

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Crypto adoption in Ireland down over 16% in the last year

Adults in Ireland have become slightly less interested in crypto with a drop in ownership

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Amendments to US commercial code differentiate crypto and ‘electronic money’

The updated guidelines seek to clarify the terms of crypto assets lending and specify the

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72% of Russians say they have never bought Bitcoin: Survey

A new survey hints at a lack of crypto awareness in Russia as only 6% of respondents were

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Ruling to keep Tornado Cash developer in jail for 90 days sparks backlash

A judge ruled that the developer must stay in jail for 90 days while awaiting charges and

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US court gives Voyager green light to pay bonuses to key employees

Voyager Digital will pay $1.9 million in retention bonuses to key staff members to ensure

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Nvidia cites limited visibility into crypto mining’s impact on Q2 results

Nvidia’s CFO said falling crypto prices and changes in consensus mechanisms have in the

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9,404 Crypto Mining Devices Seized by Iranian Authorities Since March

Iranian authorities have seized nearly 10,000 illegal cryptocurrency mining devices since

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These are the Best Blockchain Games

Gamers all over the world are flocking to P2E as a means of earning rewards. Who doesn’t

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It’s a go! Uniswap Foundation becomes reality after 86M votes in favor

The foundation aims to streamline Uniswap's grants program and "reinvigorate

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