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Collins Dictionary announce NFT as word of 2021

NFT is the word of the year according to Collins Dictionary, even though it is an

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Japanese megabanks join consortium launching yen-based digital currency

Private-sector behemoths in Japan are exploring digital currencies as a way to streamline

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Senate Banking Committee chair seeks information from stablecoin issuers and exchanges, suggesting possible hearing

The senator said he had "significant concerns with the non-standardized terms applicable

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Blockchain analytics service Nansen to incorporate DeFi protocol Arbitrum

Arbitrum is currently the ninth ranked DeFi chain with $2.38 billion in total value

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Deterring adoption? Balancing security and innovation in crypto

Security processes are necessary to protect crypto users but regulators may force

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WAX Builds the Largest Cross-Blockchain Ecosystem for NFTS, Gaming, and GameFi With Binance

“Blockchain Brawlers” NFT Collection Launches Later this Month WAX, (Worldwide Asset

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Coinbase reportedly down for some users after fixing connectivity issue

Coinbase experienced connectivity issues three times over the past 30 days, according to

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Bitcoin price metric demands ‘strong reaction’ as $56K BTC starts to look ‘seriously cheap’

Current limp Bitcoin price performance is not fooling analysts, as Advanced NVT Signal

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Major League Soccer Star Kieran Gibbs Reveals Plans to Convert 50% of His Salary Into Bitcoin

The Inter-Miami CF (IMCF) Major League Soccer (MLS) star Kieran Gibbs has announced the

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Ripple CEO blasts Dogecoin for ‘inflationary dynamics’

Starting in 2013 with a supply limit of 100 billion coins, Dogecoin eventually switched

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