grudzień, 2021to

Genesis issues $6M NFT-backed loan to Meta4 Capital

Institutional investors are increasingly entering the NFT space, particularly interested

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Mexico confirms plans to roll out CBDCs in 2024

New technologies and a next-generation payment infrastructure would help Mexico become

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Bitcoin ‘died’ 45 times in 2021 as media still eager to post BTC obituaries

438 Bitcoin obituaries have been counted since 2010, and the year 2017 still remains to

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Santo Blockchain to deliver 50 Bitcoin ATMs to Panama

Santo Blockchain’s plans in Latin America consist of 300 Bitcoin ATMs, a layer-two wallet

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First US Bitcoin ETF a ‘dud’ in 2021 as GBTC discount stays near record lows

There’s little to smile about when it comes to institutional participation in Bitcoin at

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South Korean crypto exchanges to follow Coinone in verifying private wallets

South Korean exchanges will require users to verify their third-party wallet addresses to

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DAO aims to raise $5M to resurrect Blockbuster Video

BlockbusterDAO wants to raise at least $5 million to buy the iconic video rental brand

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3 reasons why Convex Finance surged 215% in December to hit new all-time high

Convex Finance saw its token price and total value locked hit all-time highs following

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ROSE gains 54% in a week as Oasis Network ecosystem expands

ROSE price is on the rise thanks to a $160 million ecosystem fund that helped facilitate

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Ready Player Me raises $13M to expand metaverse platform

The three-dimensional avatar platform seeks to expand its digital presence throughout the

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