październik, 2021to

IOTA Introduces New Smart Contracts To Circumvent The Network Flaws

The use of smart contracts remains the key turnaround factor with the cryptocurrency

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Trick or Treat: Will Halloween NFTs be hauntingly good or too spooky for crypto?

Halloween-inspired NFTs are gaining popularity this year, but will the trend continue

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What is the worst nightmare that could happen to crypto? Experts answer

What are decentralized-tech representatives most scared of? And what are their deepest

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Dogecoin, Shiba Inu, Dogelon Mars Lead the Pack of 45 Doge-Like Tokens Capturing Astronomical Gains

2021 has been the year of decentralized finance (defi), non-fungible tokens (NFTs), and

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Bitcoin white paper turns 13 years old: The journey so far

The Bitcoin white paper only has nine pages, yet it contained enough to change the world.

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OVR Land Map: The Biggest Detailed 3D Map of the Real World With NFTs

OVR AR Metaverse goes to a whole other level. Italian company OVR is announcing today the

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Federal Security Service of Russia Seeks Powers to Obtain Information From Crypto Platforms

The Federal Security Service of the Russian Federation has issued a draft order allowing

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Web3 Infrastructure Provider Alchemy Raises $250 Million in Funding Round Led by a16z

Alchemy, one of the leading infrastructure providers for blockchain and web3, has raised

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Patreon Considers Allowing Creators to Use Crypto for Monetization

Patreon, the membership platform, is pondering the idea of letting creators in its

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Latinx communities continue to rise above Bitcoin adoption obstacles

Latinx communities are driving forward adoption, as crypto is proven to meet their

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