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ETH devs implement first-ever ‘shadow fork’ as PoS testing continues

The shadow fork, which is intended to test the next phase of Ethereum’s configuration,

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Crypto Raiders explains how blockchain gaming attracts new users to Web3

The creators of Crypto Raiders explain how blockchain gaming is revolutionizing the

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Delivery App Rappi Deploys Crypto Payments Pilot in Mexico

Rappi, a Colombian delivery app and startup that offers on-demand deliveries across Latin

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Survey of financial advisers and Grayscale comments suggest strong support for spot crypto ETF

“The vast majority of advisors we surveyed either plan to begin allocating to crypto or

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Bitcoin price drops to $39K, but data shows leverage traders dreaming of $50K

Multiple factors are pushing BTC price below $40,000, but derivatives data shows pro

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Fortnite creators Epic Games raise $2B from Sony and LEGO to fund metaverse plans

Looks like its latest raise brings Epic Games' valuation to $31.5

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We Must Not Become Eternal Tenants in the Metaverse

Some people contend that the metaverse is a far-fetched concept, or that if it ever

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Mastercard files 15 metaverse and NFT related trademarks

Mastercard joins Visa and American Express with moves into the Metaverse as it seeks to

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Crypto seen as the ‘future of money’ in inflation-mired countries

Citizens in countries with heavily devalued currencies “need to have crypto.” In the

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Grassroots initiatives are bringing Bitcoin education to communities across America

Members of America’s crypto community aim to teach financial literacy by discussing

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