<div>Why the FTX.US/LedgerX Deal Indicates Crypto M&A Might Start Booming</div>

Why the FTX.US/LedgerX Deal Indicates Crypto M&A Might Start Booming

Steven Ehrlich, director of research for digital assets at Forbes, discusses the FTX.US-LedgerX merger, what to expect from FTX going forward, DeFi regulation, and more. Show highlights:

  • why the FTX.US acquisition of derivatives platform LedgerX is significant
  • how FTX.US stacks up against other US cryptocurrency exchanges
  • who should use crypto derivative products
  • how regulators might handle FTX.US and crypto derivative ETFs
  • what to expect from FTX going forward
  • how long FTX CEO Sam Bankman-Fried spends talking to regulators every day
  • why Steven thinks crypto mergers and acquisitions will be a trend going forward
  • what Steven learned from his conversations with Polygon and Hermez
  • how Fereshteh Forough, a woman living in Afghanistan, is using crypto to help teach women to build dapps, smart contracts, and use crypto

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Episode Links

Steven Ehrlich

  • https://www.forbes.com/sites/stevenehrlich/?sh=fb976542ce44
  • https://twitter.com/Steven_Ehrlich 
  • https://www.forbes.com/newsletters/forbescryptoassetadvisor/?sh=55678b72dec8

FTX.US Merger

  • https://www.forbes.com/sites/stevenehrlich/2021/08/31/us-bitcoin-exchange-backed-by-billionaire-sam-bankman-fried-moves-into-crypto-derivatives/

M&A Trend

  • https://www.forbes.com/newsletters/forbescryptoassetadvisor/2021/08/31/exploring-voyagers-900-million-token-merger/?sh=29f4f16851b4 

Interview with Sam Bankman-Fried

  • https://www.forbes.com/sites/stevenehrlich/2021/08/30/billionaire-sam-bankman-fried-pushes-back-against-critics-of-crypto-derivatives/?sh=6428141b5cbd 

Polygon-Hermez Deal

  • https://www.coindesk.com/polygon-merges-with-hermez-network-in-250m-deal 

Fereshteh Forough Coverage

  • https://www.forbes.com/sites/stevenehrlich/2021/08/17/taliban-resurgence-could-threaten-afghan-school-teaching-women-to-code-and-build-ethereum-apps

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