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Bitcoin bull market ‘2nd leg has started,’ says BTC price model creator

The popular prediction model has been remarkably accurate in the past when it comes to

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Bitcoin gets green light for price discovery with ‘almost no supply’ on exchanges above $59K

Resistance is thinner than ever, while data leaves the market guessing about what will

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CME Bitcoin futures open interest hits 8-month high, greater than when BTC price was at $65K

Open Interest surged to $3.22 billion on. Oct. 14 to levels not seen since

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Elon Musk’s Tesla is already $1 billion in profit from holding Bitcoin

Tesla’s Bitcoin stash is now worth $1 billion more than when Elon Musk approved the

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BoE deputy gov: Regulators should pursue crypto as a ‘matter of urgency’

The central bank official spoke about the risks that cryptocurrencies and stablecoins may

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US Justice Dept announces launch of national crypto enforcement team

“We need to make sure that folks can have confidence when they’re using these systems and

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Gensler confirms SEC won’t ban crypto… but Congress could

Representative Patrick McHenry believes Gary Gensler’s SEC has disregarded standard

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Crypto transactions surge 706% in Asia as institutional adoption grows — Chainalysis

When it comes to cryptocurrency transactions, the region of Central and Southern Asia and

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BTC bull run has ‘at least 6 months to go’ — 5 things to watch in Bitcoin this week

$50,000 may not come easily, but zooming out, there’s barely a bear in the house when it

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