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Half of unique active crypto wallets played a blockchain game in Q3

In-game NFTs have generated $2.3 billion in sales over the past three months and Axies

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Long-term Bitcoin bulls hodl strong despite five-month price high

Bitcoin wallets that haven’t seen outflows for more than five months and are currently

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EU Proposes Law to ‘Ensure Full Traceability’ of Crypto Transfers, Ban Anonymous Wallets

The European Commission has proposed legislation to “ensure full traceability of

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CoinFund debuts $83M crypto startup fund

“Blockchain-based networks will be distributed to billions of people globally through

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Large XRP Transactions Are Surging

Two leading XRP wallets moved approximately 124 million coins

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Visa, Mastercard Monitor Binance’s Regulatory Compliance as More Regulators Scrutinize the Crypto Exchange

Payments giants Visa and Mastercard say they are monitoring Binance’s regulatory

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China Reveals Digital Yuan White Paper: Smart Contracts, $5.4B Settled, Large Transfers Traced

The working group involved with the research and development of the digital yuan for the

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Paypal Raises Weekly Cryptocurrency Purchase Limit to $100K, Removes Annual Limit

Payments giant Paypal has increased its weekly purchase limit for cryptocurrencies and

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Global payments brand Skrill expands crypto wallet services

Skrill customers outside the United States now have access to 35 cryptocurrencies in

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Bitcoinization: JPMorgan Sees No ‘Tangible Economic Benefits’ of Bitcoin as Legal Tender

JPMorgan has offered its view on the bitcoinization of El Salvador, the country which

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