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Pro traders cut their EOS longs, but retail FOMO and $50K+ BTC could tip the scale

On paper, EOS has great fundamentals, but derivatives markets suggest traders don’t feel

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Auditors reveal USDC backing as Jim Cramer sounds alarm over Tether’s mad money

Grant Horton has conducted an audit on USDC’s reserves and Jim Cramer has questioned

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Fed and Yale researchers lay out 2 regulatory frameworks for stablecoins

Yale Professor Gary B. Gorton and Jeffery Zhang of the Board of Governors of the Federal

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Cointelegraph Exclusive: Artist Damien Hirst says NFTs are like 'the invention of paper’

According to the British artist, NFTs are changing the world, but not always in the

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China’s central bank says crypto gave impetus to the creation of its CBDC

A working paper released in English by the People’s Bank of China cites cryptocurrencies

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Pundits say Bitcoin’s brutal quarter could see Tesla report up to a $100M loss for Q2

Analysts believe reporting requirements may compel Tesla to announce a paper-drawdown of

Read More owner reports site hit with 'absolutely massive’ DDoS attack

The attack comes just one week after a U.K. court ordered the website to stop hosting the

Read More blocks access to Bitcoin software download in the UK

Apart from removing the white paper, Cøbra has removed access to Bitcoin software for

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Craig Wright wins default judgment, must remove Bitcoin white paper must now remove the Bitcoin white paper, host a notice referring to the

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Nigerian secondary school will accept crypto payments despite regulatory uncertainty

"We believe one day digital money will gain more acceptance than paper money,” said

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