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Why HODL for 48 hours? Because your altcoin wallet will thank you

Even in the fast-paced cryptocurrency market, favorable conditions that fuel massive

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Survey: 14% of Americans Want Crypto Rewards for Using Their Credit Cards

During the last few years, prepaid cards that offer cryptocurrency rewards have grown

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Mexico’s president rules out accepting crypto as legal tender

The Bank of Mexico and the National Banking and Securities Commission issued a statement

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Regulation Key to African Fintech Sector Growth — New Study

According to the findings of a study by Afriwise, Kenya, Nigeria, and South Africa have

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Court Extends Detention of Finiko Pyramid Founder Doronin and His Right-Hand Man

A court in Tatarstan has extended the detention of Kirill Doronin, founder of Russia’s

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China Reveals Digital Yuan White Paper: Smart Contracts, $5.4B Settled, Large Transfers Traced

The working group involved with the research and development of the digital yuan for the

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Crypto offers more freedom, Coinbase CEO responds to DOGE creator

Crypto is a “much-needed breath of fresh air” for those who believe that state solutions

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DinoSwap Launching: How You Can Farm on Polygon For Attractive Yield

DinoSwap is launching this week, on July 17. It is similar to PancakeSwap but on Polygon,

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Bitcoinization: JPMorgan Sees No ‘Tangible Economic Benefits’ of Bitcoin as Legal Tender

JPMorgan has offered its view on the bitcoinization of El Salvador, the country which

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Key altcoin price metric flashed bullish ahead of Axie Infinity’s parabolic rally

Dramatic price action often follows familiar patterns of market and social activity, and

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