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China wants US senators to ‘stop making trouble’ out of digital yuan

China’s Foreign Ministry responded to U.S. senators’ claim regarding the digital yuan’s

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Nifty News: Tyson Fury’s NFT nets almost $1M, bad trip from Sushi, wine gets nifty …

Sushi dropped LSD-themed NFTs to celebrate the launch of its trident AMM, while the

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MakerDAO to dissolve Foundation and become truly decentralized again

MakerDAO plans to complete its roadmap to decentralized governance with the dissolution

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Study suggests Canadian CBDC could promote digital innovation within the country

The Bank of Canada suggested that a Canadian CBDC could provide a number of innovations,

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Running on a proof-of-authority consensus algorithm, Cronos is powered by Ethermint, a

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Enjin plans to use NFTs to promote sustainability and equality as member of UN pact

The company previously said it planned to enable carbon-neutral NFTs by 2030 and claimed

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Grooming Products Firm Axe Releases Limited Edition ‘Crypto Scented’ Doge Body Spray

On Tuesday, the company that owns the brand of male grooming products, Axe, announced the

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FTX smashes crypto funding record with $900M raise to become exchange decacorn

The crypto derivatives exchange has seen its valuation soar over the past year,

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New EU proposal looks to tighten regulations for sending cryptocurrency

The European Commission looks to block large, anonymous transfers of cryptocurrency in an

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Bitcoin bull outlines 7 steps to more fiscal stimulus and higher BTC prices

Bitcoin's drop below $30,000 has sparked worries that it is heading to $20,000 next, but

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