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Possible ‘white hat hacker’ exploits THORChain for $8M, proposes 10% bounty

The white hat hacker claims to have mercifully minimized the damage of their $8 million

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Number of investors owning Bitcoin has tripled since 2018: Gallup Poll

Three times more U.S. investors are holding BTC now than in 2018 according to the

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Celer launches cBridge mainnet, promising multi-chain compatibility

The launch of cBridge Version 1.0 comes with a user interface and node

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Visa to acquire cross-border payments fintech Currencycloud

The lines between traditional payments networks and fintech continue to blur with Visa’s

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Bank of Russia asks stock exchanges not to list crypto-related firms

The Bank of Russia’s new stock exchange recommendations do not apply to central bank

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The firm said it planned “to drive greater dialogue and collaboration with regulators and

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Ethereum must innovate beyond just DApps for DeFi degens: Vitalik Buterin

As second layer scaling matures for Ethereum, Vitalik Buterin urges the community to grow

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Elon Musk says Bitcoin may have already hit his benchmark on renewable energy

"I want to do a little more diligence to confirm that the percentage of renewable energy

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Bitcoin price hits $32K but derivatives metrics still show signs of weakness

Bitcoin price rallied 8.5% to recover the $32,000 level, but derivatives data shows pro

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Crypto exchange OKCoin taps FIS subsidiary Worldpay to lead global expansion

“Worldpay has extensive experience guiding cryptocurrency exchanges through the

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