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Bitcoin price action in 2021 so far mirrors 2017 — Will it continue?

Bitcoin is in full bull run mode according to trading analysts, as on-chain indicators

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How cross-chain games are giving users the first look at a metaverse

Blockchain interoperability might just be becoming a reality, with cross-chain NFT games

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Crypto and pension funds: Like oil and water, or maybe not?

Pension funds, the most cautious of institutional investors, are now giving the booming

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NFTs offer a new way for society to ‘store culture’ says Animoca Brands CEO

Animoca Brands co-founder Yat Siu has urged new NFT users to look past profiteering and

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Laos partners with Soramitsu on CBDC research as regulated crypto mining begins

Soramitsu, the firm that helped build Cambodia’s Bakong digital payments system, will

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DAOs can solve important dilemmas but more education is required

Can decentralized autonomous organizations change how the world is governed? Here is a

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DeFi gaming: A catalyst to mainstream adoption of decentralized finance

Gaming is on track to boost the adoption of DeFi platforms. Here is a look at the latest

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Dogecoin more popular than ever… even as TXs hit lowest level since 2017

AMC CEO Adam Aron has stated that the cinema giant will look to support Dogecoin movie

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Here’s 2 ways clever pro traders spot crypto and stock price reversals

Many successful traders look for double bottom and W bottom reversal patterns on

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First look: Spike Lee’s TV ad for crypto touts it as new money for a diverse world

Coin Cloud chose Spike Lee to direct the crypto commercial specifically for his

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