październik, 2021Having

Polygon pays $2M bounty on bug which could have compromised $850M in user funds

The white hat hacker speculated that the bug might have been created from "using someone

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Bitcoin price returns to 'critical’ pivot zone as $33K stays untouched

Bulls are having problems reclaiming lost support levels, but $30,000 remains a solid

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Former CFTC chair explains why regulators should approve a Bitcoin ETF

“A Bitcoin ETF would be a way for retail investors to invest in cryptocurrency without

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Iran pauses electricity exports due to crypto mining and hot summer

Discounted tariffs made Iran attractive to miners, now the country is having a hard time

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Crypto businesses struggling to fill job openings amid industry expansion

Crypto firms pursuing global expansion agendas are having to compete to attract the

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Andreessen Horowitz launches biggest-ever crypto venture fund at $2.2B

The Silicon Valley venture firm is doubling down on blockchain technology, having already

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US SEC Charges Three Individuals Allegedly Tied to a $30 Million ICO Fraud

The defendants are accused of having helped to hide Manor's role as the head of the

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Kraken rethinks direct listing plan following Coinbase’s lackluster performance

Kraken CEO Jesse Powell is having second thoughts about a direct listing in light of

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