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Bottom-buying traders and new governance features back KeeperDAO’s 118% rally

New governance features, a robust treasury and increasing community activity catalyzed a

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Cardano price paints 'death cross’ with ADA at two-month lows vs. Bitcoin

ADA price has been struggling against the U.S. dollar in

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BTC price is up 50% since China ‘selflessly’ banned Bitcoin mining

No amount of FUD can keep Bitcoin down, and China has once again given bulls a boost with

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Here’s why analysts are saying ‘No FOMO’ ahead of Bitcoin’s ETF launch

The upcoming launch of a BTC ETF has bulls proclaiming that a $100,000 Bitcoin price is

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Shiba Inu eyes 'much wow’ 90% breakout as SHIB price paints a textbook bull pattern

The price of the Dogecoin-inspired meme cryptocurrency has been consolidating inside a

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Epic welcomes blockchain games, but don’t expect any Fortnite NFTs

Epic Games is open to blockchain game developers, but the company has no NFT

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Fasten your seatbelt: Crypto’s impact on marketing has only just begun

The marketing will adjust to a new crypto future, with a decentralized consumer

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The crypto industry royally screwed up privacy

Sadly, there are several reasons why the blockchain community has fallen short in making

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Salvadorans are now selling ‘way more’ US dollars to buy Bitcoin

President Bukele confirmed that Chivo has recorded 24,076 remittance requests, which has

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NFTs allow people to ‘interact with crypto in a hands-on way’ — Shaq

NFT art and sales dominated headlines all throughout 2021, and now that crypto has gone

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