październik, 2021end

26 companies and advocacy groups call on Valve to reverse its blockchain games ban

“The potential blockchain gaming ecosystem will grow to be orders of magnitude larger

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Bitcoin all-time highs ‘just a matter of time’ after a BTC ETF approval looks certain

Bitcoin’s price spiked above $61,800 as the promise of a BTC ETF approval reignited the

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Bitcoin at $100K: How Will the Crypto End 2021?

The recent report of the upcoming approval of a US Bitcoin futures ETF has further

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Billionaires are backing Bitcoin over gold… but some say Ethereum is even better

“The reason I own Bitcoin is because the U.S. government and every government in the

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Need some Bitcoin ‘hopium?’ This chart calls for new BTC price all-time high by November

The latest bullish Bitcoin price forecast further cements the case for a breakout, but a

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Bitcoin eyes big $58K resistance as new data shows hodlers acting the opposite to Q1

Investors are hodling into all-time highs this time, not selling, as was the case toward

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KuCoin Asks Mainland Chinese Users to Withdraw Funds before the End of 2021

The crypto exchange cautioned about possible frauds via SMS as it announced that its SMS

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Analyst nails Bitcoin monthly close 2 months running — His October target is $63K

Bitcoin price action exactly conforms to PlanB’s predictions for a second time, and if

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Polkadot Web3 wallet Talisman closes $2.35M seed funding round

Talisman plans to release an early version of its Polkadot wallet extension before the

Read More Sees a 130% Surge in Global Client Numbers over H1 2021

The regulated crypto platform is expected to add more tokens by the end of the

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