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Breaking Google’s monopoly: Internxt pushes decentralized cloud as privacy concerns grow

Data monopolists like Google have abused their position, according to Internxt's Fran

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Portfolio rebalancing through DeFi must be simplified to see adoption

The decentralized finance industry is growing rapidly, and it's time for portfolio risk

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Fasten your seatbelt: Crypto’s impact on marketing has only just begun

The marketing will adjust to a new crypto future, with a decentralized consumer

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Truly decentralized finance will be beyond siloed blockchains

To be the future lifeline of industries, blockchain technology needs to embrace the

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Flow integrates Filecoin storage services to make NFTs more decentralized

Filecoin has become the official storage partner of the Flow Blockchain, with the firm

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Browser-based DeFi wallet XDEFI launches public version

XDEFI will challenge MetaMask’s dominance of the browser wallet space by offering a new

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Successful smart cities will be impossible without decentralized techs

Blockchain technology promises to be the foundational network layer for many systems

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Building ‘OnlyFans on blockchain’ is a huge, untapped opportunity — Dfinity founder

Attempts by traditional financial institutions to censor adult content on OnlyFans have

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Finance Redefined: MakerDAO goes green and BoA bullish on DeFi, Oct. 1–8

Mirror opens decentralized blogging to the public, a Bank of America report is bullish on

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Bitcoin moves past $49K as Facebook, Instagram and WhatsApp go down

During the outage, many Crypto Twitter users called for the need for a decentralized

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