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CryptoPunk to be split into pieces: Nifty Newsletter, Aug 3–9

Ethereum co-founder Vitalik Buterin proposed a way to anonymize NFT transactions using

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$29K Bitcoin is closer than you might expect, according to derivatives data

Derivatives data show a clear path to $29,000, but inflation and unemployment data will

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El Salvador’s ‘My First Bitcoin’: How to teach a nation about crypto

If successful, the “Mi Primer Bitcoin” program, which recently rolled out in El Salvador,

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Blockchain’s environmental impact and how it can be used for carbon removal

Blockchain technology is on its way to being considered by organizations as a way to

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DeFi needs a ‘killer app’ to go next level, says Ripple exec

A panel at the Blockchain Futurist Conference was asked about the future of decentralized

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Anonymous user sends ETH from Tornado Cash to prominent figures following sanctions

It appears to be an ongoing prank to challenge the novel Tornado Cash

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Game dev explains why blockchain should be 'invisible’ in P2E gaming: KBW 2022

Mobile game developer Com2uS is stepping up its Web3 game with the launch of its own

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Reddit partners with FTX to enable ETH gas fees for community points

With the new integration, Reddit users will be able to purchase Ether from supported

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High Taxation in Japan is Driving Crypto Entrepreneurs Away

According to Sota Watanabe, the CEO of Web3 infrastructure company Stake Technologies

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The Reserve Bank of Australia to explore use cases for CBDC

The pilot project will last a year, and the details for potential participants will be

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