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Cross-chain bridge RenBridge laundered $540M in hacking proceeds: Elliptic

The blockchain forensics firm said cross-chain bridges provide an "unregulated

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Biden Slammed for Claiming US Economy Had 0% Inflation in July — One Lawmaker Calls It ‘Sad and Dangerous’

President Joe Biden stated Wednesday that the U.S. economy had zero percent inflation in

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Bearish Signal: Why Bitcoin Miner Sell-Offs May Continue

Bitcoin miners have borne the brunt of the bear trend since it began. They watched cash

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Bitcoin Surge Towards $24k As CPI Report Show Inflation Cooling

Bitcoin surged after July’s CPI data showed that inflation has started to decline after

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Fractional NFT Markets Slide 76% in Value in 7 Months, Diced-up Doge NFT Still Leads the Pack

When non-fungible token (NFT) collectibles became popular, the fractionalized NFT market

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Ethereum Open Interest Nears All-Time Highs Ahead Of Merge

Data shows the Ethereum open interest has surged up to near all-time high values as the

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Monero Faces Pressure In Keeping Upward Pace – Will XMR Overcome Resistance?

Monero has its hands full trying to keep its momentum and rally forward. But, it must

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TA- Binance Coin Continues To Look Strong Despite Altcoins Shakeout

The price of Binance coin (BNB) continues to look strong as it holds its support against

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TA- Bitcoin Bounced off Key Support After CPI Announcement

The price of Bitcoin (BTC) bounced off its key support against Dollars (USD) after the

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Biggest Movers: AVAX Nears Highest Level Since May, ETC Moves Towards $40

Avalanche rallied on Wednesday, as the token broke out of a key resistance level on its

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