SUI Continues Rally As Sui 8192 Web3 Game Fuels Blockchain Activity To Hit New Peak

SUI Continues Rally As Sui 8192 Web3 Game Fuels Blockchain Activity To Hit New Peak

The Sui blockchain platform is witnessing a surge of activity, mainly due to its new Web3 game, Sui 8192. Not only is this game boosting blockchain engagement, but it’s also contributing to the bullish run of Sui’s native token, SUI.

SUI scan has shown Sui 8192 contributed to the transaction spike on the network. In the past 24 hours alone, the game has drawn 258 million transactions on the Sui blockchain.

Developed by Ethos, a Sui wallet maker, the game is intended to spark interest in Web3.

New Era Of Web3 Gaming On Sui Blockchain?

The mechanics of Sui 8192 includes Players accruing points by matching two similar tiles on a grid. When they amass 8192 points, the game ends, and a non-fungible token (NFT) is minted on the blockchain, a testimony to their achievement.

This experience introduces more and more people to the world of blockchain and NFTs in an accessible way. However, Sui 8192 is not the only game in town; Sui also hosts other notable titles like the high fantasy action games Abyss World, Cosmocadia, and Orange Comet.

Riding The Bullish Trend: SUI Token Climbs To New Heights

Sui’s blockchain native token, SUI, is seeing an upward trajectory, with a 10.5% value gain in just a week, leaping from $0.63 on July 10 to a high of $0.72, a near 2% increase in the past 24 hours alone.

Simultaneously, the trading volume of SUI has nearly doubled in the past week, escalating from $33 million to a towering $76 million in just 24 hours.

SUI’s market capitalization is rising from $426 million to $461 million today. With the steady growth of Sui’s blockchain platform and the rising popularity of its gaming universe, the upward trend of SUI could be more than a temporary spike.

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