Mt. Gox Trustee Extends Deadline for Repaying Creditors

Mt. Gox Trustee Extends Deadline for Repaying Creditors

creditors of the now-defunct Mt. Gox cryptocurrency exchange, Nobuaki
Kobayashi, the trustee overseeing the exchange’s bankruptcy proceedings, has
announced a one-year extension to the deadline for repayment.

Deadline Extended: Creditors to Wait Until October 2024

set for October 31, 2023, the new deadline for creditors to receive their funds
has been pushed back to October 31, 2024.

extension, granted with the permission of the Tokyo District Court, encompasses
all categories of repayment, including base repayment, early lump-sum
repayment, and intermediate repayment.

move is expected to provide creditors with additional time to prepare for the
recovery of their assets.

a letter released on September 21, Kobayashi emphasized that repayments to
rehabilitation creditors who have supplied the required information may begin
as early as the end of this year.

he cautioned that the schedule remains subject to change, depending on evolving
circumstances, and the specific timing for each creditor’s repayment has yet to
be determined.

Hack: The Start of Mt. Gox’s Downfall

Mt. Gox estate, once a dominant force in the cryptocurrency ecosystem,
currently holds a significant amount of digital assets.

of now, it possesses approximately 142,000 Bitcoin (BTC), 143,000
Bitcoin Cash (BCH), and 69 billion Japanese yen (JPY). These assets are
expected to be distributed among the creditors by the ongoing bankruptcy

Gox’s chaotic history dates back to 2011 when it suffered a massive hack,
leading to allegations of insolvency. The exchange ultimately collapsed in
2014, leaving a trail of devastation that impacted around 24,000 creditors and
resulted in the loss of a staggering 850,000 BTC.

incident marked a turning point in the history of cryptocurrency
exchanges and highlighted the need for enhanced security measures within the

creditors eagerly await the repayment of their assets, the extension of the
deadline offers renewed hope for those who have patiently navigated the complex
Mt. Gox
rehabilitation process.

cryptocurrency community will closely watch the proceedings, with the outcome
expected to have lasting implications for the perception of trust and security
in the digital asset space.

Creditors Given
Opportunity to Vote on Rehabilitation Plan

2021, Finance Magnates reported
that creditors
of Mt. Gox Bitcoin exchange had been
granted the chance to vote online on a proposed rehabilitation plan. The
announcement came after multiple extensions allowing creditors to voice their
opinions on the plan.

online voting function was accessible through, with the
deadline for voting set for October 8, 2021, Japan time. Failure to vote would
be considered as voting against the plan, which would come into effect upon
approval and the Tokyo District Court’s confirmation.

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