More Dip To Come: Bitcoin Liquidity On The Move Ahead Of Major Event

More Dip To Come: Bitcoin Liquidity On The Move Ahead Of Major Event

As the Federal Reserve (Fed) prepares to announce its decision on interest rates, Material Indicators, a research and analysis firm in the cryptocurrency market, is keeping a close eye on the Bitcoin (BTC) liquidity movements. FireCharts, a popular charting platform, has tracked liquidity movements on the BTC/USDT Binance order book. Their observations have led them to believe that the recent dip in Bitcoin’s price may extend.

Liquidity refers to the amount of Bitcoin available for trading at a given price level. When there is a large amount of liquidity at a particular price level, traders can easily buy or sell Bitcoin at that price without significantly affecting the market. However, low liquidity at a certain price level can lead to volatility spikes as traders scramble to buy or sell the asset. 

Will Bitcoin Face Another Dip

Material Indicator’s FireCharts analysis shows that liquidity in the Bitcoin order book has been moving ahead of the Federal Reserve’s decision, indicating that traders are preparing for potential volatility in the market. This could lead to further price drops if liquidity to the upside declines. 


Added to the above, according to Kaiko, a leading cryptocurrency market data provider, liquidity in Bitcoin and Ethereum continues to deteriorate, with market depth for both cryptocurrencies approaching one-year lows, which could have significant implications for bulls, as low liquidity can lead to increased volatility and price instability.

As of writing, the price of Bitcoin stands at $28,300, representing a 1.4% decline over the past 24 hours. Despite the recent news of more bank failures, which briefly pushed the price above $29,000, Bitcoin has remained within its established trading range of $27,800 to $28,600. The attempt to exceed the $29,000 mark was unsuccessful, and the price has since retraced to its current level. 

The market remains in flux as investors monitor the ongoing price movements, waiting for a clear direction to emerge after the Federal Open Market Committee meeting. But will this lead to more retracement, or will the market react positively to the news?

BTC Braces For Potential Impact Of Federal Reserve’s Rate Hike

The Federal Reserve’s latest measures on employment and wages suggest that more rate hikes may be on the horizon. This comes after the key labor costs metric for the first quarter came in higher than expected. One of the Fed’s preferred inflation gauges, the Personal Consumption Expenditure (PCE) index, remains persistently high. 

Furthermore, according to the latest report by Bitfinex, a leading cryptocurrency exchange, the labor costs metric for the first quarter came in hotter than expected, indicating that wages are rising faster than anticipated. This could lead to higher inflation, as companies may pass higher labor costs to consumers through higher prices.

This suggests that the Federal Reserve may need to raise interest rates to manage inflation and maintain price stability. The Fed has already signaled that it may raise rates in May, and these latest measures on employment and wages reinforce that decision.

The implications of a rate hike are significant for the financial markets, including the cryptocurrency market. A rate hike could increase volatility and uncertainty as investors adjust their expectations for future economic growth and earnings. However, it could also lead to a stronger dollar and increased demand for safe-haven assets like gold and Bitcoin.

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