EBA Calls for Early Adoption of Stablecoin ‘Guiding Principles’

EBA Calls for Early Adoption of Stablecoin ‘Guiding Principles’

The European Union’s banking regulator urged stablecoin
issuers to adopt the Markets in Crypto Assets Regulations (MiCAR) guidelines,
which the EU adopted in April. Specifically, the regulator has cited the
provisions related to the permanent right of redemption of assets by the users and the rules for
guiding complaints in the MiCAR requirements.

The European Banking
Authority (EBA) released a report today (Wednesday) for public consultation
that provides more information about the requirements provided by the MiCAR for stablecoin issuers. The requirements will reportedly be implemented on June 30,

EBA Eyes Stablecoins

„The statement is intended to encourage timely
preparatory actions to the MiCAR application, with the objective of reducing the
risks of potentially disruptive adjustments of business models at a later
stage. It aims to promote supervisory convergence and to facilitate the protection of
consumers,” the EBA said in a statement.

Ahead of the
implementation of the MiCAR next year, the EBA is expecting an increase in the
issuance of stablecoins following the approval of the regulations. In light of that,
the regulator urged the stablecoin issuers to apply its good governance and
risk management policies.

The EBA is expected to
issue subsequent draft rules, which include the guidelines for companies to
redeem their stablecoins when the markets are volatile, in October. The rules
will also address capital requirements for stablecoins issuers, the EBA said.

The MiCAR is considered
one of the most comprehensive cryptocurrency laws in the EU. Adopted by the Council of the EU in May, the
regulation aims to protect consumers dealing with digital assets, promote
environmental sustainability, and prevent money laundering in the digital asset

EU Regulates

In a separate report,
the EU’s European Securities and Markets Authority (ESMA) similarly provided
guidelines for Crypto
Asset Service Providers (CASPs) who trade cryptocurrencies. In the guidelines,
the ESMA stated that the CASPs should ensure that they separate customer assets
from their own. The ESMA’s guidelines will reportedly be implemented in January

a report published today (Wednesday) by Finance
Magnates, Verena Ross, Chair
of the ESMA, said: „This first consultation package is an important
milestone for ESMA in the implementation of the MiCAR framework. It translates to our ambition to set high regulatory standards in the EU for the trading of

This article was written by Jared Kirui at www.financemagnates.com.

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