Digital Assets Gain Traction: BME’s Approved Derivatives Segment

Digital Assets Gain Traction: BME’s Approved Derivatives Segment

BME Clearing, the Spanish central
counterparty, has obtained regulatory approval to clear Bitcoin and Ethereum
futures denominated in USD within the EU regulatory framework. This move
introduces a new segment for digital asset derivatives, enhancing the trading,
clearing, and cash settlement of digital asset futures in a secure and highly
regulated environment.

The CNMV’s (Comisión Nacional del Mercado de Valores)
approval is an imperative regulatory objective. CNMV is the financial
regulatory authority in Spain, and their approval is a crucial step for any
financial institution operating within Spain, ensuring compliance with local

Greenlights BME Clearing for USD-Denominated Crypto Futures

The approval of BME
Clearing from CNMV enables it to clear futures contracts for two of
the most prominent cryptocurrencies, Bitcoin and Ethereum. These futures
contracts are denominated in USD, which provides a familiar and widely used
currency for trading and settlements.

Regulatory Framework to Ensure Secure and Regulated Environment

Clearing’s operations fall under the regulatory framework of the European Union
(EU). This ensures that their activities comply with the rules and standards
set by EU financial regulators, adding an extra layer of regulatory oversight
and consumer protection.

Manuel Ortiz, the Head of Clearing and Repo Operations at SIX, is pleased to
announce regulatory approval for this new segment. “This milestone reflects our
dedication to empowering institutions, clients and investors with innovative
solutions, contributing to the continued growth of the digital asset ecosystem,
and ensuring a secure and efficient trading experience for all our valued

introduction of Digital Asset Derivatives within BME Clearing creates a secure
and highly regulated environment for trading and managing digital asset
futures. This move is significant because cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin and
Ethereum are known for their price volatility and associated risks, so having a
regulated marketplace can enhance investor confidence.

approval from CNMV and the introduction of digital asset derivatives by BME
Clearing, under the regulatory framework of the EU, signify a step forward in
the integration of cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin and Ethereum into traditional
financial systems. With a secure and regulated environment for trading these
assets, it demonstrates the growing recognition of cryptocurrencies within the
financial industry.

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