CoinShares Expands into U.S: Launching Hedge Fund Division

CoinShares Expands into U.S: Launching Hedge Fund Division

has announced the establishment of its hedge fund division, CoinShares Hedge
Fund Solutions. The company will be extending its offerings to qualified U.S.
investors, marking its expansion beyond its European base.

Targets Institutional Investors with Diverse Investment Products

aims to cater to the diverse needs of institutional investors by providing a
range of private investment products spanning both beta and alpha strategies,
with hybrid options in between. The goal is to empower institutions to construct
optimized cryptocurrency portfolios.

company’s vision is to offer a seamless experience and equip its institutional
clients with the necessary tools and insights for navigating the digital asset investment

Capital LLC, a subsidiary of CoinShares and a
broker-dealer registered with the Financial Industry Regulatory Authority
(FINRA), will lead marketing efforts to reach qualified investors in the United
States in support of CoinShares Hedge Fund Solutions’ strategies and products.

initiative marks a return to CoinShares’ roots, initially starting as the
commodity hedge fund Global Advisors. In 2014, it founded the regulated Global
Advisors Bitcoin Investment Fund (GABI), which operated until 2017.

venture represents a progressive transformation for the company, leveraging its
extensive experience in the crypto markets gained through its proprietary
trading arm since 2016. CoinShares is positioned to offer premium products that
meet the due diligence requirements of institutional investors.

CoinShares CEO on the Rationale
behind Strategic Expansion

ensure the seamless launch of the new division, CoinShares has appointed Lewis
Fellas as the Head of CoinShares Hedge Fund Solutions. With 23 years of
industry experience, including seven years in digital assets, Lewis brings a
wealth of expertise to drive the success of the new division.

division will harness the skills and experience of CoinShares’ battle-tested
trading and quantitative teams.

CoinShares’ CEO, Jean-Marie
Mognetti, commented on the strategic expansion:

„In a changing macro
environment prominently marked by interest rates and inflation, the demand for
actively managed exposure to digital assets is a natural progression. Backed by
a decade-long legacy in the digital asset industry and a team with more than
two decades in hedge funds, the new division signifies the latest step in
CoinShares’ evolution.”

“Our products focus on delivering a
premium experience to our investors and we are delighted to enrich our
long-only asset management offerings by returning to our core founding

strategic expansion into the U.S. market underscores CoinShares’ commitment to
meeting the evolving demands of the cryptocurrency
investment landscape and providing institutional investors with tailored
solutions in the rapidly evolving digital asset space.

CoinShares Head of Hedge Fund
Solutions, Lewis Fellas, concluded:

“CoinShares inspired my move into
crypto asset management in 2016, so being able to lead the new division within
the firm and further pioneer the space is an honour.”

“The design of our strategies
reflects the team’s deep and practical knowledge of digital assets and
showcases the firm’s ability to develop new products that meet the demands of
institutional investors.”

“The long-awaited return of interest
rate-driven volatility is a great opportunity that we plan to capture with our
novel fund products. Each product that will be offered is designed to mitigate
counterparty risk whilst providing investors with clearly defined asset class
and strategy exposures.”

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