Coinbase Faults the SEC for Not Responding to Court Orders

Coinbase Faults the SEC for Not Responding to Court Orders

The cryptocurrency exchange, Coinbase asked the federal court
on Saturday to compel the Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) to respond
to a petition it filed last year. Coinbase petitioned the commission requesting clear rules for identifying which digital assets are classified as

In Saturday’s filing, Coinbase requested 'mandamus’, which refers to an order issued by a
court to the government agency, in this case, it would compel them to perform a
certain task. Specifically, the exchange is asking the court to order the agency to set clear rules for digital assets.

Clear Crypto Rules

„The Court should grant mandamus now because the
Commission has decided not to grant Coinbase’s rulemaking petition and is
actively harming the industry,” said Paul Grewal, Coinbase’s Chief Legal

The SEC sued
Coinbase for allegedly
operating its cryptocurrency trading platform as an unregistered national
securities exchange and broker. Following the lawsuit, the US Court of Appeals
for the Third Circuit ordered the regulator to reveal whether it had granted
Coinbase’s petition.

In response, the SEC
declared it had not decided what action to take regarding the petition, and that there was
no basis for subjecting the commission’s discretionary rulemaking agenda to a
specific time. Earlier, the court asked the SEC how much time it would require to decide
whether to grant or deny the petition.

Non-Committal Responses

„The Commission’s refusal to say how much additional
time it needs to act on Coinbase’s petition confirms that further delay is
futile,” Grewal tweeted. „At a minimum, the court should order the
Commission to report on its action – not an 'anticipated’ staff recommendation
– in no more than within 60 days and decide the mandamus petition promptly if
the Commission still has not acted at that time. „

However, the SEC led by Gary Gensler, insisted that the rules
related to digital assets are clear, yet the industry is still 'rife
with non-compliance’. Gensler, who commented in March before the House
Appropriations Subcommittee on Financial Services and General Government, added
that most cryptocurrencies are securities.

The agency continues to pursue what has been termed by industry experts as 'regulations by enforcement’. Further, the SEC has brought many legal actions against several other top cryptocurrency exchanges besides Coinbase, including Binance and Binance.US.

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