Coinbase CEO Criticizes Chase UK’s Crypto Ban

Coinbase CEO Criticizes Chase UK’s Crypto Ban

Armstrong, the CEO of Coinbase, one of the US’ largest
cryptocurrency exchanges, has criticized JPMorgan Chase UK’s recent decision to
prohibit its customers in the UK from engaging in crypto-related
transactions. Armstrong
expressed his discontent on X (formerly Twitter) on September 26, labeling
Chase Bank’s actions as „totally inappropriate”.

Requests Chase UK’s Crypto Transaction Ban Investigation

his tweet, Armstrong called upon UK crypto holders to consider closing their
accounts with Chase UK if they continue to face such restrictions. He also
urged UK officials, including Prime Minister Rishi Sunak and the Economic
Secretary, Andrew Griffith, to investigate whether Chase UK’s actions align with
the country’s policy objectives.

maintained a hopeful tone. He suggested that there might be more to the
situation than initially apparent, having stated: „Really hoping there is more
to this story than meets the eye, and that this does not reflect Chase UK’s
actual view.”

Chase UK
confirmed its decision on September 26. It cited that a significant level of
fraud in the crypto space as the primary reason for the ban. The bank clarified
that customers attempting to make crypto-related transactions would receive a
declined transaction notification.

Coinbase officially
supports the UK market alongside the US, Europe, and Canada, as
stated on its website. The platform has been actively pursuing its expansion
efforts in the UK, as evidenced by its commitment to its growing presence in the region, announced in April 2023. The firm continues to expand globally. However, it faces legal challenges in its home

In June 2023, the U.S.
Securities and Exchange Commission filed a lawsuit against Coinbase,
alleging violations of securities laws. This ongoing legal battle further
underscores the evolving regulatory landscape surrounding cryptocurrencies and
exchanges worldwide.

Banks Tighten Grip on Cryptocurrency Activities

JPMorgan’s retail branch, Chase
UK, has joined Santander and NatWest in prohibiting cryptocurrency transactions,
reflecting a global trend. While officially attributed to surging
cryptocurrency-related crimes, it underscores traditional institutions’ broader
efforts to enhance security within the digital asset sphere.

Chase UK announced on Tuesday its
decision to block all cryptocurrency
transactions for customers from October 16. It cited a rising wave of scams
targeting UK consumers. This move signifies a proactive approach to
safeguarding customers, despite the undisclosed specifics of the scams. It
aligns with a worldwide movement to foster a secure environment for
cryptocurrency investors amid evolving financial landscapes.

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